Company Profile

Company Profile

M/s Sunderjaya  is a private limited company registered with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan in the year 2005.

We are the pioneers of marquees in Pakistan.  These marquees are all weather, re-locatable, modular structures made of very high quality Aluminum alloy.

With  clear span from 5 meters to 50 meters with standard length of 60 meters.

Being all weather structure these marquees can be air-conditioned and heated as may be required.

We have introduced  these marquees in Pakistan.

Pearl-Continental Hotel- Karachi.2006.

Aluminum Tensile Structure size 40m x 45m = 1800sqm = 19378 Sq ft.

Marriott Hotel – Karachi 2006.

Aluminum Tensile Structure size 30m x 37.5m = 1125sqm = 12000 Sq ft.

Pearl-Continental – Lahore 2007.

Aluminum Tensile Structure size 25m x 60m = 1500sqm = 16140 Sq ft.

Sunderjaya Developers Private Limited.

Inventory owned by M/s Sunderjaya Developers.

M/s Sunderjaya Developers are the owners of the following structures made in Malaysia.

  • Alu Tent Size 25m x 60m = 1500sqm = 16,140 sq ft.
  • Alu Tent Size 25m x 60m = 1500sqm = 16,140 sq ft. for Events everywhere
  • Alu Tent Size 20m x 60m = 1200sqm = 13,000 sq ft.
  • Alu Tent Size 15m x 60 = 900sqm = 9,684 sq ft.
  • Pagoda Tents 8 Nos size 6 x 6

The above Tents are rented out to reputable Caterers and Clubs.

  • 25m x 60m marquee is hired by M/s Hanif Rajput Caterers on long term basis for their marriage lawns situated at KDA-Officers Club Kashmir Road.
  • 20m x 60 m marquee is hired by Hanif Rajput Caterers on long term basis for their Clifton Lounge at Clifton
  • 15m x 60 m = 900sqm is hired by M/s. Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, Lahore,From last 4 years.


We also had the opportunity of being Official Suppliers of marquees to IDEAS – 2008 & IDEAS- 2010.

Emaar Construction Company LLC- Dubai.

We had the pleasure of installing three marquees with total area of 38,736 sqft on Bundle Islands, 3 kilometers off the Coast of Karachi where M/s Emaar was launching their project “Platinum City” on these islands. The project was to be inaugurated by General Perveiz Musharraf. The logistics of transferring bout 50 tons of material to an island without any jetty or other facility was a nightmare. However, it was successfully done.

We are also the Agents of:

  • Ms. Asia Tents Technologies SdnBhd Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Fastup Tent Manufacturing Co, Limited. Zengcheng Area, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province-China.
  • We have installed marquees for our reputable clients as per the following details.
  • Raddison Lawn, Korangi Road. Curved Tent of 25m x 60m = 1500sqm
  • Dynasty Wedding Hall, Main Clifton Road. 25m x 60m = 1500sqm
  • Pavilion End Club near Aladdin Park 25m x 45m = 1125sqm.
  • Pavilion End Club Sports Marquee 25m x 60m = 1500 sqm, 20 x 25m= 500sqm Trampoline Marquee,
  • RPGCC Lahore- 15m x 70m = 1050 sqm
  • Clifton Lounge Karachi 20m x 50m = 1000sqm
  • KDA Lawn- Kashmir Road- Karachi 25m x 60m = 1500sqm
  • Pearl Continental- Karachi-40m x 45m = 1800sqm
  • Marriott Hotel – Karachi 30m x 30m = 900sqm
  • ShahiKhema – Lahore 25m x 60m = 1500sqm
  • Hashoo Group 25m x 60m = 1500sqm
  • COD Maham Marquee- Karachi. 25m x 50m = 1250sqm
  • Omer Rajput Caterers, Hyderabad. 25m x 80m = 2000sqm
  • Amir Rajput Catering Karachi- 15m x 45m Marquee = 675sqm.
  • We have recently installed Six Marquees Next to NIC Building opposite Gora Qabrastan.


a) 1 x 25m x 25m=625sq meters,
b) 1 x 25m x 35m=875sq meters,
c) 1 x 25mx40m = 1000sq meters,
d) 1 x 25m x50m = 1250sq meters,
e) 1 x 25m x60m = 1500sq meters,
f) 1 x 25m x75m = 1875sq meters,
g) 1 x 50m x 50m = 2500sq meters,

We have a dedicated and trained team of workers for the installation of marquees, who have worked all over Pakistan.

We also source and supply all catering items for setup of marriage halls, shows, conventions, comprises of the following:

  • Furniture. as banquet chairs- tables, lounges, carpets, decorative linings, doors, chandeliers, AC units,
  • We also construct platforms cement concrete.
  • We erect all types of frame tents using crane, forklift, winches, etc.

All repairs and maintenance is also done by our trained staff to the entire satisfaction of our clients. We also do concept 3D drawings a few specimens are attached.

We can offer you the following all weather Marquees in different dimensions on rental basis:

25m x 60m = 1500 Sqm/1.5 m/guest = 1000 Guests
25m x 50m = 1250 Sqm/1.5 m/guest = 850 Guests
25m x 45m = 1125 Sqm/1.5 m/guest = 750 Guests
25m x 40m = 1000 Sqm/1.5 m/guest = 650 Guests
25m x 35m = 875 Sqm/1.5 m/guest = 585 Guests
25m x 30m = 750 Sqm/1.5 m/guest =500 Guests

Rental Terms will be negotiated.

  • Pre inspection of SITE has to be done by our staff for smooth operation.
  • Confirm date of the events for One day to One week is acceptable with discount.
  • Ownership / Permits / Licenses are to be provided before erection of Marquee.

This quotation is inclusive of the following unless specifically excluded.


  • Manpower for installation will be provided by Sunderjaya Developers Pvt. Ltd. See quotation attached.
  • Machinery for Erection and Dismantling will be provided by Sunderjaya Developers Pvt. Ltd.


  • SITE preparation and ground levelling.
  • SITE cleaning and flooring.
  • Electrical Power Supply, Wiring and related works.
  • Plumbing and Sewerage works.
  • Permits or License.
  • Security on SITE.



We are the pioneer of Aluminum Tensile structures in Pakistan. These marquees are all weather, re-locatable re-locatable, modular structures made of very high quality Aluminum alloy. These marquees can be air-conditioned and heated as may be required. They have multiple civil and defense applications from Aircraft hangers, field hospital to civil requirements for various events like Convocations, Sports Exhibition, and entertainment events like Corporate Function fashion shows.